How HIGH will you DREAM?

Discover WHAT you're meant to do & HOW to make that a reality!

Have you ever had any of these thoughts...

"I want to make a living doing what I love."

"I want to find out what I'm meant to do in this life."

"I want to turn my dream job into a reality."

"I want a life rich of purpose and joy."

But guess what? You aren't like most other people.

It's easy to want these things, but when it comes to figuring out exactly
WHAT that is, and HOW to make it a reality...

That's when most people throw in the towel.

How do I know this? Because you're here.

That means you're already looking for that path to your higher power, to tap into your purpose. You're hungry for this knowledge.

When I came out to LA, I was like you - a girl with big dreams, a bit of naivety, and a TON of passion.

But I also had tons of self doubt...


And a whole lot of question marks.

So how did I go from just this girl, to a six-figure singer-songwriter, to an entrepreneur, to a teacher, to a podcaster?

How did I align with that one thing that really lights me up - and get paid to do it?

Throughout my journey, I've discovered the tactics that lead to results, and the mindsets to burst through the negative thoughts...  And I want to share them with you!





We'll go into details on topics like:

PLUS! Get excited for...

Join me March 22 & 23 at the Beverly Hills Marriott in Los Angeles
a full 2-DAY live event, jam-packed with master classes & major inspiration discussions! Let's take a deep dive into the most critical steps of discovering your purpose, making it a career, and creating your legacy.

Identifying your superpower...
Clarifying your calling...
Changing your limiting mindsets...
Strategizing your outreach process...
Building your tribe...
Daring to dream bigger...

Hands on workshopping with opportunities to pitch your creative idea to me + an entire room of likeminded souls
Q&As where you can personally ask me advice on your biggest pain points, your loudest fears, and the questions we haven't answered before
Life-long friendships! You'll meet other fabulous creative entrepreneurs who will be your support team as you keep stepping towards this life-changing journey back home to who you're meant to be



March 22-23, 2020
9 am-5 pm on both days
Beverly Hills Marriott
1150 South Beverly Drive
Los Angeles, California 90035 USA

Travel, lodging, and meals are the responsibility of the attendee.
Discounted rooms are available at the Beverly Hills Marriott by contacting

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It's time to ARRIVE to the life you've longed for.