you are never quite ready but you are brave, 
and the universe 

listens to brave.

I love Swedish fish, autumn leaves and Broadway shows. When I’m not hosting the podcast, coaching, speaking or songwriting, I am singing along to Frozen with my three girls and making buttered pasta.

who am i?

HOST OF THE Cathy Heller show

I started the podcast to help people find a greater sense of purpose and feel like they’re more authentically themselves. The day job is sort of synonymous with “I’m doing something I don’t really like just to pay the bills,” whereas the dream job feels like “This is who I am, this is really me making my mark on this world and I feel seen and expressed.” That’s the difference. I don’t want people to feel like they have a job. I want people to feel like they’re doing their unique work in this world. People want more fulfillment and joy. I’m on a mission to help as many souls as I can to find this alignment with themselves and add their gifts to the world.



I want to welcome you home to yourself. I am here to help you learn to listen to that whisper within that has always wanted to paint more or write or open a bakery. I will light a path forward to show you how doable it really is to get paid to serve others in the ways you feel most alive. In order to make brilliant things we need the courage to begin before we’re “ready” or “perfect". The core of being successful in life or business means having radical empathy. I find coaching so rewarding because I have helped thousands of people find momentum and create a life they love waking up to. I offer group programs, courses and retreats. If you want someone who sees you and can intuitively help you navigate this beautiful journey, I would be honored to work with you.

I moved out to LA 16 years ago and my husband was my next door neighbor. After years of being just friends, my sister suggested I should date him. From the 2nd time we went out I just felt like I was home. We got married in 2009 and were told early on that I wouldn’t be able to have children. We persevered until we found the right doctor and after several missed attempts we had our first daughter. I continued to go through fertility treatment and while we were unsuccessful 9 times, we wound up having 3 beautiful girls. 

dear beautiful soul:

I’m so glad you’re here. I hope this is a place where you feel seen and understood. I know what it’s like to want so badly to find your path and wish you knew the steps to take to get you there. I want you to know there is room for you, you have something so significant to add to this world and when you have the courage to take a step towards it, you will be led to where you’re meant to serve.

Here’s your permission slip to make messy things and to know you’re already enough.



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