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How a Mom of 4 Made a Fortune with Online Programs, Lots of Fun & No Formulas – Allie Casazza

April 2020


How can you make millions by selling what feels good to you? Allie Casazza, “The Life Minimalist,” podcast host of The Purpose Show, and online course creator was stuck in a wintery Arkansas, frustrated by her family’s financial situation. After many 4 am mornings and unsuccessful flops, she found the key that would make her […]

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How I Made A Music Career After Being Dropped From A Label

August 2019


  How do you find a new path after your dreams have been crushed? Cathy shares how she made six figures through songwriting after believing her music career was a lost hope. You’ll also learn the key strategies that helped her build her business, including how to generate results instead of excuses, why an artist […]

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Finding Huge Success After 40 – Lisa Congdon

August 2019


  How do you transition into a creative career when you’ve already dedicated decades to different day jobs? Lisa Congdon, artist, illustrator, and bestselling author didn’t discover her passion for art until her 30s, and made the leap to become a full time artist when she was almost 40. She explains how she reached out […]

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Own Your Everyday – Jordan Lee Dooley

July 2019


  How can you step into who you’re meant to be and what you’re meant to do? Jordan Lee Dooley, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster has created an incredible movement to help multi-passionate people like herself reach their full potential. She sheds her wisdom on how to get clarity on which business idea you should […]

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How Rejection Made a Flower Company Blossom – John Tabis of Bouqs

March 2019


  How did a flower business take off after hearing no, no, and more no’s? John Tabis, CEO and Co-founder of The Bouqs Company is no stranger to rejection, and it’s only helped him grow the brand even more. He shares why a failed Shark Tank appearance made Bouqs blossom, how to validate your side […]

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How a Vegan Blogger Made $80,000 in 3 Months – Tomi Makanjuola

January 2019


  How did a vegan blogger gather the courage to hit publish, and then make over a year’s worth of income? Tomi Makanjuola, chef, cookbook author, and blogger at the Vegan Nigerian had been blogging and opening pop-up restaurants as a side project, but her limited mindset kept letting her procrastinate on her dreams. She […]

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How to Do All Those Things You’ve Always Wanted to Do – Lara Casey

November 2018


  How do you cultivate what ultimately matters to your legacy – and make it happen? Lara Casey, entrepreneur, blogger, best-selling author, and founder of Cultivate What Matters has zigzagged through many new career ventures, losses, and successes. After harvesting all these experiences, she’s on a mission to make the most impact she can on the world […]

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3 Important Coaching Moments with My Students to Help Them Pick a Direction & Get Unstuck

October 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · 3 Important Coaching Moments with My Students to Help Them Pick a Direction & Get Unstuck How do you get clear on which direction to take? Cathy coaches 3 students from her Made to Do This program who have started to get momentum, but are struggling to figure out […]

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Inspiring Stories from Creatives I’ve Coached Who Found the Courage to Make Their Mark

September 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Inspiring Stories from Creatives I’ve Coached Who Found the Courage to Make Their Mark How do you gather the courage to make yourself available, pivot, and own what you do? Today we’re celebrating 5 more success stories from graduates who took Cathy’s Made to Do This program! You’ll hear […]

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The 3 Keys to Making a Sale + How to Uplevel Your Money Mindset

September 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How to Turn Around Your Limiting Beliefs & the Real Way How We Build Business How can you reframe your money mindset and receive all the abundance that’s available to you? Cathy shares her wisdom on how to rewrite your narratives around money, turn it into a resource to […]

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