3 Steps to Making an Offer & How to Create Your Brand


What should you say when you’re putting your offer out in the world? Cathy shares the 3 steps to validating, clarifying, and testing your offer with your audience, how to use the 3×3 method to grow visibility and engagement, and how to create branding that feels in alignment with you.

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1. You’re not doing anyone any favors by sitting it out, by not charging, by not giving them the impetus to take action.
2. Whatever we’re not changing, we keep choosing.
3. A person becomes the greatest of all time not by hitting every shot, but by rising in the face of defeat.
4. The little kid inside has committed to the idea that it has to be hard, that it has to be perfect. But what if it’s not the way? You can ease on down the road and let go.
5. The world is waiting to rally around you.
6. There’s a buyer at every price. People will pay for the high vibration, the creativity, and the story that’s being told.
7. The door to your next level is so close that you don’t even see it. It’s ridiculous how easy it is.


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