Nicole Walters’ Amazing Story of Quitting Her Day Job in Front of 10,000 People & Creating Her “She’s The Boss” TV Show


How can you be the boss of your life, even when you feel like a hot mess? Nicole Walters, self made multimillionaire, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and star of She’s the Boss is leading the path for women to walk through their fears and imperfections, and use their gifts to step into their purpose. She shares how to use social media to create real relationships, how to prioritize the parts of your life that truly matter, how to break through your scarcity mindset, and what blessings can arise when you open your eyes and say yes to the opportunities in front of you.

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1. Use social media to be social. Make friends and change lives with the person on the other side. You can automate systems, but don’t automate relationships.
2. Lean into the basics of how you can serve.
3. The world wants to fund your opportunity to be in that purpose all the time. Not charging is not an option.
4. The only thing that’s scarce is you and your story.
5. Embrace the dynamic fluidity of building a business. Some days are highs, some are lows. All that matters is that in each moment, you’re giving your best.
6. There’s always good happening. Open your eyes and be willing to say yes to the opportunities around you.
7. You can still be a boss and be a hot mess, as long as you’re learning every single day.
8. Reject the thoughts that don’t align with who you are today. You can choose the thoughts you want to receive.

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