How to Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn & Instagram and Create New Offers + A Sneak Peek of the Arrive Membership!


How do you find the courage to keep showing up and grow your audience? Today’s episode features some highlights from our Arrive Summit, including amazing advice from Amy Tangerine, Patrice Washington, Hala Taha and Steve Mellor. You’ll learn how to build your network on LinkedIn, create Instagram content that will speak to your audience, show up even when you’re scared, and open yourself up to opportunities.

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1. You can’t get to the top floor until you climb stairs to the first floor.
2. Don’t focus on the failures. Use them as learning lessons that tell you how to proceed.
3. Lead with emotion, put the focus on the “you”, provide actionable insight, and leave them with a way to engage.
4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Take care of yourself and create your own opportunities.
5. Be clear about who you’re speaking to. When you dial in and speak to one person, your content becomes more valuable to your niche.
6. Create content in bite sized pieces. Deliver more with less.
7. Choose to push through the fear because showing up powerfully is not about you. It’s for the one person you might bless.
8. Honor your gift. You’re not called to be anyone else. You’re exactly who you need to be.


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