Inspire your Audience! Hire Cathy Heller as keynote or business speaker-- an expert in the music licensing world and now transforming the lives of others in How to Make A Living Doing What you Love.

How to Make A Living Doing What you Love

Henry David Thoreau said “The Mass of Men live lives of quiet desperation”. People are so thirsty to find their passion and do work they find meaningful. I think the opposite of depression is purpose. Everyone wants to feel purposeful and that they’re contributing something valuable. So how do we do it? Forbes did a study that said 80% of people don’t have a job they enjoy. That is very sad and somehow not surprising. The evidence is there that there are certainly people who figured out how to do what lights them up and get paid for it.

The question is how did they do it? It there a through line in all of the stories of those who have launched fulfilling careers. What are the mindsets that help someone to persevere and what are the practical steps to take in growing your business? Where do you start? What are essential ingredients to a happy, satisfying, thrilling, purposeful, fulfilling career?

I will share with you what I’ve done and what I’ve learned from the giants in many fields, who are doing that they love for a living. The time is short and the stakes are high. We need to get busy living and figuring out how to express the unique gifts we have to share with the world. No two people are the same and no one can offer the specific thing we can. The world needs us and we need us. Let’s use this precious time wisely and live a life that we are excited to wake up to each day. 


Cathy Heller has become a go-to in licensing music for Ads, film and Tv. Cathy has licensed her songs hundreds of times to ads, tv and film such as Walmart, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Hasbro and shows like Criminal Minds, Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars etc.

She has been featured in Variety, Billboard and The LA Weekly. Cathy was asked to speak about this speciality of hers at Berklee, The Billboard Film/TV conference, The ASCAP EXPO, UCLA and now she’s offering all she knows to any artist who wants to learn.

Cathy Heller has dynamic, inspiring, in depth classes that give a step by step break down on how to be a huge success licensing your music.