Focus on what you can Give


It’s so important to create content. If you focus on what you have to give you’ll always get it back ten fold. The best way to ensure success is to offer real value. The more you build trust with your target client or audience, the more you will naturally have them buy what your selling. In today's market there is no good excuse why we can’t use the resources available to us to create traffic and widen our reach. The best way to do this is to create valuable content and do it consistently.

Whether you’re a designer, a hat maker, a songwriter, a baker or a shoe salesman, it’s all about being a squeaky wheel and creating content that will build your identity and trust to your ideal client. The more you post on Facebook the better your SEO will be. Facebook feeds into Google, so you want to be posting consistently on your Facebook business page or fan page. You can create a blog post once a week and create an opt in lead page to start building your email list and offering them some fun insight. You can make a video and post what you’re creating or some tips in your given field. Maybe you make cake pops and you want to show how you do it or give a step by step guide to making strawberry ice cream from scratch. The more content you create the more people will be talking about what you do and coming back for more.

In today's landscape it’s not enough to just sell, you have to give people something to chew on and digest. You’re selling yourself and you have the tools to capture that through Facebook and Instagram. People don’t buy brands they buy stories. Start telling your story and be your genuine vulnerable charming self. The more you connect on a personal level the more you will be delivering your story and people will buy it.

Remember that it’s about doing this consistently and most people won’t, so that will help you. If you can post three times a day you will majorly impact your traffic and SEO levels on Google. You can run contests and offers for live workshops. Think about all the things you can create and give away. This will be your greatest sales tool. If you are a painter or a songwriter its just as useful for you, as it is for someone who sells a product. You want to connect with your fans and grow your audience. The gap between what a someone can do on their own and what a publicist can do for you has shrunk. You can make a huge impact on gaining a wide reach by creating content, telling your story and sharing helpful information.