6 Mistakes Artists Make When trying to License Their Songs


1. Writing songs without clear understanding of what the client wants. Usually artists write a song about any given topic that's inspiring them at the moment and then try to see if it can be licensed to a Film/TV Show or Ad. There are consistent themes lyrically that are searched for all the time to underscore scenes in film/tv. In my course I will teach you how to research what your clients want and how to create songs that have a great chance of being selected for Film/TV Shows and Ads. 

2. Producing a song without an understanding of what will work cinematically for the pacing, feel and vision of the scene they're pitching to. There are dynamics and various techniques that make a song bring the picture to life. My course teaches you how to understand what works best in terms of production and arrangement in licensing and how to deliver that vibe over and over again.

3. Sending emails to licensing agents that don't contain the "right" kinds of songs for licensing, that have mp3s or wavs attached and that are very long winded. It's important to remember you're emailing a human being, so you want to make a relationship. My course will teach you what kinds of licensing agents to approach and what to send in an email to get their attention and break through the noise.

4. Not creating good deals with producers, so they wind up having to spend a lot of money to continue creating more music. So many artists are frustrated because they feel they lack the funds to make the quality of music they want. In my course I will show you how to be creative when structuring deals with producers so that you can continue to create as much music as possible. I will also show you how to bring your A game to the recording studio to help steer the recording towards success. 

5. Writing 5 songs a year and waiting to see what happens. Feeling frustrated that it's not working and wanting to give up. It's so important to stay in action and hone your craft. In my course I will show you how to create and follow a business plan, so that you will constantly be creating momentum. 

6. Working hard to be perfect at everything, instead of being resourceful and finding great collaborators. It's important to know what you're great at and find collaborators to work with in the areas where your less strong. Successful people don't try to do it all, but they know who to call in order to make it fantastic. 

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